It Matters

Ok so this is another good ad. I will be open here and tell you that it is from my current employer

When I joined Children’s Miracle Network last year I was really impressed with their It Matters Ad Campaign.

Ok so the look and feel of it may not work so well where I am operating from (UK & Ireland) but the basic concept I really like.

For a start it does matter, so what a great title for the campaign. Just a small donation makes a difference. The charity works on a high volume low monetary value (and I stress the fact that the monetary value is low in fundraising terms) fundraising model and this ad reinforces that.

Secondly it features children, the people this charity helps. Its important to keep the focus on those that your charity will help, if donors feel connected then they become emotionally inolved, something Paul talks about on his Marketing Ireland Blog.

Finally, its local. You will see at the end of the ad that the local hospital is recognised, so while this charity is International the donor watching this in Texas, Florida, Toronto, Cork or Cardiff will know that its their local children’s hospital that is being supported.


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