This Water


Ok, I love this product. Its just great. I came across it in Dublin City centre and normally I go straight past ‘Flavoured waters’, to me they are the mints of sweets, they are just nothing!

But it didnt take me long to work out that this was different, all that information was on the front, 89 cranberries and 13 raspberries..IN THIS BOTTLE… could it not be nice.

What I liked even more was it was brought to me by those great guys at Innocent Smoothies. Now Smoothies have taken a little bit of bad press lately, people saying they arent as good for you as they say they are…Look they are fruit, its better than a soft drink, surely.

Anyway This Water is good for not just you, yes at the back…and its not in your face (although as a charity I might prefer a bigger look in on the label, maybe even a logo..we care about brands too you see!), they have the note that “By Drinking this water you are supporting Water Aids work in Ethiopia” how great is that.

Did this make me buy the drink?  NO

Will it make me buy it again? Probably Not

Does it make me feel good about it? Absolutely  YES

Wonder who made the approach, charity or This Water??


2 thoughts on “This Water

  1. Genius it most certainly is. I have seen it and I really do like it. They are such a smart company, and see the value in good CSR

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