PG Tips Ad

I have seen this PG Tips ad on TV the last few nights with Johnny Vegas. I actually dont know what they are supporting (I’ve only seen it twice so it’s about another 5 more views before the whole message kicks in right?) but I really like the tag line at the end, Do your bit, put the kettle on.

I think its a clever line and it shows that its,  as they say in the ad…”easy, too easy” , to support the good cause (Rainforest Alliance).

Now why has it taken me the guts of an hour to find this tag line or any reference to this ad on the internet, it was a little scary that it wasnt even there on the PG Tips or Rainforest Alliance sites! Ok so there are mentions to the partnership, but this is a great ad, why isnt it reflected on the websites?

 P.S. I love that you can buy Monkey stuff on the great PG Tips website, isnt that clever


One thought on “PG Tips Ad

  1. i particularly liked the “i facebooked your mom” on his tshirt.

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