One Pack = One Vaccination

I really like this campaign. It is so simple and is just a great fit. For each pack of Pampers nappies purchased showing the UNICEF logo, the funding for one tetanus vaccination costing 3.5 Euro cents
will be donated to UNICEF Ireland Registered CH 5616.

As far as I am aware this campaign started with UNICEF Ireland and has been rolled out into a number of countries.

The TV ad that goes with it is fantastic. I cant seem to find the English speaking version of it on You Tube, but here is a link to it on the Irish pampers site and below is what I believe is the Dutch version of the same campaign, using Silent Night as the song.

A great example of CSR in action. I wonder how much it raises for UNICEF (and if they have put a value on the media spend and awareness too?)



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