The right Focus

This is one of my all time favourite collection of ads. It is by Focus Ireland and it ran in 2005, and it won them and Chemistry the Grand Prix Prize and best Media Idea Prize in the Marketing Media Awards. The idea behind the ad was to use the concept of the Tourism plaques identifying where famous people lived but showing where homeless people lived.

It was such a clever concept, turning something that we pay attention to – to make us pay attention to homelessness.

It took me ages to find an image of the ad and during my search I found this bus shelter ad too, which is great (although a web address at least would have been great at the end of the poster?).

Below is another great concept they have had recently. They left keys all over Dublin city and, as is the norm, passers by would pick them up to return them, the kind passer by in this instance would find a message on the key ring from Focus saying, Thousands of People in Ireland are missing their keys, Help us Help the Homeless. A really great campaign.

It’s great to see a non-profit being brave enough to spend on campaigns like these. I know we are to be good stewards of our donors funds, but sometimes that means spending money, wisely.

These campaigns all seem to be aimed at driving awareness, which is great, but I wonder, and I’m sure there is  a thinking behind it that I’m missing, but would a call to action not have been good thing to have had?



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