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Elaine asked me the other day on my Big Brew post did I know of any companies that had started ethically? Here is a great one, which I forget about when I initially replied. Every Click

Everyclick works like any other search engine but the difference with Everyclick is that you can raise money for your favourite charity. The actual search engine itself seems to be quite good.

They do this by giving 50% of their advertising revenue back to charity. Now thats starting ethically. They have also encouraged some companies to make them their chosen search engine, the likes of Cadbury Trebor Bassett, MTV and Axa are mentioned on their website.

This initiative is in the UK and supports UK charities. I know I looked into registering an Irish charity I worked for and they needed to be registered in the UK. I am sure there is plenty of work for them still to do in the UK but I wonder have they plans to expand?

If you are a UK registered charity you can

I know Google have Google Grants, where they offer ads to charities for free. I have used this and it is great, but I wonder would they think of doing something like this?



3 thoughts on “Every Click

  1. Thanks, hadn’t heard of veosearch. I guess what I really meant would google donate from their own AdSense programme. It looks like its Veosearch that are donating their part of the revenue as opposed to the search engines, is that right?

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