Get Personal

I strongly agree with Katyas it pays to be personal post  from Monday, in it she says:

The more your “asks” appear to be made from you, personally and directly, to an individual, the more likely people will support you

She gives a great example from Inside Influence Report, about a doctor who is trying to get his on call covered and just sends out an email to everyone, instead of personalising it, you should read Katya’s full post here

Today I was reviewing a letter that was being sent outand I was making the suggestion that the letter should really be made personal. All the information was there.  But I was told no, the letter wasn’t going to be personalised.

You know what the problem was?

It was going to cost more to personalise the letter! Iknow in the non-profit world we need to be good stewards of our donors money, but that doesn’t mean that by not spending more we are going to get better results. Yes sometimes you can save on things like the quality of paper, but when it comes to one of the basics, like getting personal, you really should invest that extra few cent per letter.

This isn’t to say that a Dear Friend, or a Dear Supporter letter or email wont or doesn’t work.  But imagine you were at a party and were introduced to someone and instead of using their name for the rest of the night just called them Friend…pretty soon they would be fed up with you and think you are rude. Well think of your campaign supporters as that party guest and when they have gone to the trouble of telling you their name shouldnt you use it?


2 thoughts on “Get Personal

  1. couldn’t agree more. and it shouldn’t just “appear” like a real name – make sure the person signing the letter is a real person.

  2. Yes too true. I wonder what research there is to indicate who the letter should be from, I know from experience that the tradition is the CEO tends to sign the letter. Does that work? Also we really should allow for people to contact us when we send out these letters, I can’t imagine too many CEO’s (yes even in charities) wanting that level of communication. When we send letters out we need to allow for communication, it has to be more than just the donation, and here’s the thing often times we send letters out to potential donors and get frustrated when they get in touch.

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