Tag Lines

Just read this on Nancy E. Schwartz Blog. Its so startling I just had to share it:

  • 28% of organizations surveyed (in the Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Survey) don’t have a tagline at all.
  • 58% of nonprofits with a tagline in use gauge that tagline to be “not effective” or only “somewhat effective.”

As Nancy says:

A bad tagline, or none at all, is a huge missed opportunity. I urge you to close that gap. Now.

One Charity that I know of that knew the value of this was Barretstown. About 5 years ago (I could have the date wrong) they did a full brand review and one of the key things they focussed on was a strong tag line. Here is what they came up with, and trust me it has worked for them.

I would love to hear from anyone who has developed a new tag line and has found how well it is working for them?


One thought on “Tag Lines

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