Primary Lessons

There are shocking and disturbing amounts of money spent on the US Primaries, and remember its still just the primaries with Obama spending $1.5 million a day in February alone, that’s just Obama!

Anyway every cloud…..Rod Taylor has done a great post on the Blogorrhea Blog, “What fundraisers should learn from Barack Obama”.

In it Rod has picked out 5 lessons fundraisers should take from the campaign, here’s a synopsis:

1) Hope sells. People don’t want to throw their money at an endless intractable problem. They want to see some hope for a better outcome.
2) Change sells too. Get your donors excited by presenting a new approach that actually stands a chance of changing the game and solving a problem. (Rod also mentions nothing but nets which I spoke about earlier)
3) Words matter. Long letters pull better. Shut up and test it if you’re sceptical….. longer letters (containing more words) inspire more people to take action. And some words matter more than others: You, Free, Thanks, to name just a few.
4) But delivery matters more. Yes, words do matter. But if you don’t get people’s attention with an intriguing package design they’ll never get read in the first place. No matter how short or long the letter is.
5) It’s better to raise a little money from a lot of people than a lot of money from a few. If you build a nonprofit on a foundation of a million donors you are going to be around for the long haul. But if you rely on a handful of donors to give you big gifts you are in a much more perilous predicament. 

These are just some highlighted pieces from the post so take the time to read it all here (and its a great blog so subscribe in a reader too!)

Hopefully some future good can come from these elections.



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