Donor Care

People donate for many reasons, one of them is because they care. So why is it that so often we don’t care about our donors?

We have all been in the office when a donor calls and they aren’t happy that they didn’t get the newsletter they were promised or worse still were never receipted and thanked for their donation.  It’s a shame that theses calls happen…but they do…what we need to do is deal with them better. Too often we get defensive and see the donor as a nuisance.

Well with more charities setting up every year those of us who want to be leaders need to look at ways to stand out, and caring for our donors needs to be a top priority.

Here are two GREAT examples of charities who are looking after donors (actually the word Investors makes sense here).

1.  Global Giving have brought in a Giving Guarantee. Any donor who makes an on-line contribution at and is not satisfied with their giving experience may invoke the guarantee by phone or email.  GlobalGiving will then refund the donation in the form of a gift certificate the donor can then donate this back to another project. I read about this on the nonprofitexpert blog, here is a link to the full post

2. This comes from the Donor Chose organisation. They have a  jilted donor programme to deal with those contributors who never hear from the recipientof their donation.  They apparently also give a  “gift certificate” which can be designated to another project. I read about this on Don’t Tell the Donor, read the full post here

What a great way to acknowledge, from the outset, that we can get it wrong sometimes, and to be proactive in dealing with the issue.


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