Bag for Life (well almost!)

Sandra Sims wrote about Reuseable Bags in a post on the Step-by-step fundraising blog on Friday.

In March 2002 the Irish Government introduced a levy on plastic bags, they placed a charge of 15 cent, now 22 cent, for every single plastic bag used. Retailers were obliged to pass the charge on and collect the levy. Retailers then brought in a wide selection of re-usable bags at a range of prices. Tesco Ireland report that the number of regular plastic bags have been reduced by 93% since the levy has been introduced.


Its funny I actually take it for granted that you buy re-usable bags, and its great to see them forming part of retailers environmental policies.


I know Tesco put their charity of the year logo on their re-usable bags (in Ireland), but as far as I know the profit doesn’t go to the charity (I’m happy to be corrected if Im wrong here though)


 I do wonder what the mark-up is on these for retailers. And if it’s significant then should they not be donating some of these proceeds to good causes.


Is this a case of retailers using the environment and environmental issues to look good and at the same time make money for themselves?


Read Sandras post here


P.S. why do they call them Bags for Life…when they really aren’t



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