Legacy Promotion

I was reading an interesting post on the Whitewater blog from the start of April where the they were announcing that their client, the NSPCC, have decided to move away from asking for Legacy pledges from donors.

The new strategy will

 no longer measure success by the number of legacy pledges but by the number and quality of legacy conversations across all media – both face to face and direct marketing.

According to Whitewaters Chairman Steve Andrews:

“The tail has been wagging the dog. Our need to measure has driven the whole sector’s obsession with pledging. But donors told us that our desire for a pledge put them off. We have come up with a new approach and way forward.”

Interesting approach. The NSPCC clearly do their research and the results show, and with Whitewater they seem to have a great agency (I’ve never worked with them but they seem to be pretty cutting edge). I wonder as Legacy Promotion Ireland are planning to launch their campaign My Legacy, have they taken this into consideration or what their research has told them?


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