The Rich List – part two

I wrote earlier about the Sunday Times Rich list which is being printed this Sunday. Last weekend, they published an article called Out of the City, into Africa as rich list at last start giving, .

Similar to the ITV show it was very interesting, especially their commentary on the approach the rich are taking to giving.  It stated that they are bypassing established charities and in some cases are giving directly to the governments in the countries they want to operate in.

These are very successful (understatement) business people so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they look on their giving as investments and they want to make sure they get the best return on their investments, (does it bring you back to my bad language post? maybe this is the place for that new language?)

I was fascinated to read about Christopher Hohn:

a City hedge fund manager, who has given £235.8m in humanitarian aid. The figure is more than twice his remaining fortune of £110m, giving him the highest ever Giving List score of 214%. (Source. The Sunday Times)

There was a quote that I really liked in the article from Andrew Carnegie, a 19th-century steel magnate, which states that a man who dies rich dies disgraced”. It seems like this years Rich List are living by that motto.

So buy the Rich List this Sunday, but be warned if you think you can write your major gift hit list from it…perhaps you are picking it up for the wrong reason!

You can read the entire article here

Here is a link to the Sunday Times Rich List 2008


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