The Rich List

The Sunday Times Rich List is being published this weekend and in the past week, for the first time that I can recall, there has been a lot of talk about how the Rich List are giving.

During the week there was a show on ITV, hosted by Duncan Bannatyne, called Giving it Away, Britain’s Rich List, you can (until the end of May) watch the show here. In the show Bannatyne asks Britain’s super-rich (you need to be worth 80 million pounds to make the list, that’s 10million more than last year) if they are giving away as much as they could, or should. He explores not just what they give but also how they give.

“I believe that giving the money you make away is the best reason for making it in the first place and that we rich in Britain don’t do enough yet,” Duncan Bannatyne

During the show he meets a who’s who of Britain’s richest business people (they answer the phone to him!) and talks to them about their giving habits, is even brave enough to challenge them and tries to persuade them to give more.  I found it interesting in the interview with John Madejski when he (Madejski) stated that he got 15-20 asks a day in the post.

Who is sending those letters!? Do they really expect a response or a massive cheque? I hope not, and not because I think Madejski is unlikely to give, but who is going to donate at this level from an unsolicited letter?

By the end of the show (don’t read this bit if you plan on watching it) Bannatyne declares that he intends to set up a foundation to give away his money. He states that

you know that means I’m not going to die the richest man in the graveyard

I disagree, I think it will make him the richest.


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