Look into my eyes….some good examples

I posted earlier in the week about how eyes looking out from the page increase response rates, with one pair of eyes working better than two.

Well I wanted to show you some examples that came in my post over the past few days. The first two I think work really well and the last one just left me cold. Let me know what you think:

The one above is from Plan Ireland and I think its a fantastic piece, I would love to know their response, the picture is fantastic.

This is from the Children’s Medical Research Foundation (who I was critical of in my previous post). But you can see why, they have done a great job here (I think I would have lost the word only in the heading though)

This is from Concern, and ok the picture is horrific as is the situation (its really hard to fathom isnt it) but it really doesn’t work, its not engaging and out of all three mailings I got, its the one I paid least attention to.

These mailings were all unsolicited drops into my post within days of each other. We need to remember when we are planning our mailings that that we could potentially be up against 3 or 5 or more charity mailings (and that’s after taking into consideration all the other post that people get…mostly bills!)


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