Fr. Doms Duck’s Doo Compost

This is great. First of all I know Fr. Dom and the man is amazing. And his idea is amazing. Here is a company that started ethically if ever there was one. 


Fr. Dominic Roscioli, a retired archdiocesan priest, developed Father Dom’s Duck’s Doo Compost, “food for the soil, in 1987. After Fr. Dom had returned to his Columbus Park area neighborhood in Kenosha, recuperating from chemotherapy he received while fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he noticed his neighborhood had deteriorated, and crime had set in.


So Fr. Dom set up a grassroots community improvement group that worked with police to shut down drug houses and a centre of prostitution. It also helped obtain playground equipment, flowers, trees and other items for the  neighbourhood.Funding it all is Father Dom’s Duck’s Doo Compost, the compost is cooked at the Pheasant Run Landfill and Recycling facility in Paris for four months and when its ready it heads to the Kenosha Achievement Center for bagging.


Not only does Fr. Dom do this amazing work he also volunteers at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. There Fr. Dom met Paul Newman (founder) and the two became friends (Fr. Dom is just that kind of person, you just want to hang out with him and be his friend, he oozes goodness!). As you know Paul Newman has his own range of good stuff Newmans Own and so he offered Fr. Dom help with the marketing.


Originally Fr. Dom wanted to see if they could bring it under the Newmans Own brand, but the marketing people said…we dont want to mix food and compost. Fr. Dom thought that was the end of that until he got a call from the Manager of Newman’s Own who had received a fax from Paul Newman.  He warned Fr. Dom that it was bit rude…..Fr. Dom told him that he had probably heard it all before and to go ahead – it said, ‘Dear Tom, Help Fr. Dom with his shit, Paul’. Classic.


So the similarity between Fr. Dom’s packaging and Newmans Own…no coincidence.


Today Fr. Dom’s Duck’s Doo Compost profits benefit God’s Good Earth Foundation which distributes funds to charities throughout the country that meet basic human needs. The product can be purchased commercially and also is available for organisations to sell as a fundraiser. I am having a little trouble getting onto the website at the moment, but keep trying if you are too.




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