Legacy Fundraising Seminar

Fundraising Ireland have announced a Legacy Fundraising Seminar entitled: Legacy Fundraising – and everything you ever needed to know about it.

Its a three and a half hour session, with a price tag of 115 euro.  The speaker is Richard Radcliffe

With the title and the price tag….it has a lot to live up to! It is great to see Fundraising Ireland starting to bring these seminars to them so I hope it is well attended. I cant help wondering if the fee charged would be cheaper if it wasnt being held in the Four Seasons Hotel (maybe they are sponsoring it?)

I can’t attend so would be interested to hear any feedback from it.

More information is available here


2 thoughts on “Legacy Fundraising Seminar

  1. Conor,

    Great blog! Just on the Fundraising Ireland upcoming legacy event and your query about the price – the event runs from 10am to 3.30pm and aside from Richard Radcliffe we will also have a presentation from Legacy Promotion Ireland, followed by the launch of a new and interesting initiative for the fundraising sector.. The Committee felt that €115 (which includes lunch and tea/coffee breaks) was a fair price in comparison to other events of a similiar calibre. We are also very lucky that the Four Seasons do indeed sponsor our events or the cost could be much higher!!

  2. Mary, thanks for giving an update as to what is included, I do think its great that these sessions are being made available, and commend you all on working so hard. I am glad to hear the hotel is a sponsor, as it certainly did make me query the price. I wish I could attend as with a title like the one on the seminar there will be a lot of fundraisers going home to write up their legacy strategies, Im missing out. Hope it goes well

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