Christain Aid pulling no punches

Christain Aid isn’t sitting on the fence this morning. They have accused the government of facilitating tax-dodging multinationals to the detriment of developing countries, as reported on

The charity has released its report ‘Death and taxes: the true toll of tax dodging’, in which it names a list of countries, it says, are guilty of facilitating tax dodging. And Ireland is apparently one of the big culprits. The report states that tax dodging will be responsible for the deaths of some 5.6m children under the age of five between 2000 and 2015

What will the Government response to this will be? Christain Aid have taken the wind out of the sails of the standard response we could expect, ie Ireland gives X more per capita than any other country in Aid…etc..etc.. by stating that the tax breaks Ireland offers are inconsistent with the recent stepping up of its development contribution through aid. ………Over to you Mr. Cowen.

You can read the report here


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