Oxfam Be Humankind Ad

I met a colleague from Canada yesterday who had just flown into Dublin and, as we tend to do when we arrive in hotels (not sure why?) he stuck on the TV in his room and was impressed by this ad Oxfam are showing. I wasn’t 100% sure on the ad when Aidan Stacey (IHF) sent it to me and I watched it on You Tube, and while Im not normally a big fan of animation ads when I saw it on the TV I liked it. Oxfam are another organisation that do some great ads, they are pretty slick (and I mean that in a good way) in terms of what they do and clearly understand the value of their brand.


2 thoughts on “Oxfam Be Humankind Ad

  1. They don’t understand their brand. They are playing at breaking the mould, but do not know what they are doing. This isn’t about selling fizzy drinks or shoes, it’s about peoples lives and this does poor people no favourites at all. If anything it will turn people off.

  2. You see I disagree, I think they do get their brand, and unfortunately, while more important than selling fizzy drinks, fundraising needs to use a lot of the same principles. I used to work for a hospital and there were three hospitals in the area, were the kids attending my hospital any less deserving of support? No of course not. So how did I get people to support my hospital over the other 2? In part by creating a brand people could identify with (there is more to it than that of course, but it is a part of it).

    PS Im still not 100% on the ad

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