The Co-operative Ethical Water Pledge

It seems its all about water these days.

Ariel are doing a new campaign linking to water (will talk about that in a few days) and then after my Volvic 1 for 10 postI got a mail from Matt Guttridge, who works for Hyperlaunch and is helping to raise awareness for the Co-operatives Ethical Water Pledge.

The Co-operative are working with The One Foundation  (who were mentioned in the comments of my post) to help provide clean water to communities who really need it. The One Foundation, a registered charity who work with PlayPumps® International. 

PlayPump® is a great system. It doubles as a water pump and a roundabout for children, saving many hours of walking to reach water. The principle is simple; the PlayPump® fills a 2,500 litre tank above ground, which can be accessed through a simple tap.

The Co-operative are donating 5p from each bottle of Fairbourne water sold and it seems that sales of  One Water will also, naturally, go to the project.  The aim is in two years to help 1 million people over 2 years, that means providing 400 new pumps.

They have a nice element to the site and that is making a pledge. Im not sure if the word Pledge was the best to use, how about a Commitment, that is really what they are asking people to do, commit to buying ethical water. I think that would have been good. I wonder would there have been other ways to allowing people to then display their commitment, perhaps a badge for their websites/social networking pages (there is a facebook fan page)….the logo with a tag line?

I know one of the topics that came up when talking about the Volvic campaign was whether or not a corporation was just jumping on the band-wagon (and thats a brief summary!) but I always felt that they were doing the right thing, just because they may not have (like One Water) have been founded with a mission to provide water to those in need, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. I still feel that way. And let’s face it the One Foundation wouldn’t really be able to do what they are doing without the support of companies, so in a way they two campaigns aren’t all that dissimilar?

I like ths one, it is well thought out, nice website to support it and the PlayPumps are great, I had seen them before and was a fan.

Here is a video to tell you a bit more


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