British Heart Foundation

Fundraising UK  posted about this…… The British Heart Foundation have added a virtual collection to their Help a Heart Campaign.

Is the success of the campaign not based on pin/badge sales? Will this work? Essentially its a justgiving page that someone would normally use to set up for sponsorship…hmmmm Would be interested in the seeing what is raised from this. Will the Irish Heart Foundation follow suit (read my post about Happy Heart Weekend here)

They have a BHF blog and Help a Heart Blog so clearly they are knowledgable in terms of web 2.0


One thought on “British Heart Foundation

  1. Pin/badge sales do work at a very later stage, when sufficient awareness has been created about the campaign. But to start the campaign, the very first step is to send out the direct mailers to the people who matter the most. Drafting out an impressive letter is an art, which can be mastered only after years of experience. The letter should be polite, but clear enough to highlight the cause for which the funds are being solicited.

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