Public Trust in Charities is up

image by Brandi Jane

Good news from the Charity Commission which published a report yesterday, Public Trust and Confidence in Charities.

More people are giving time and goods to charity now than said they did three years ago as public trust has increased. Overall public trust and confidence in charities is measured as a mean score out of 10, which has increased from 6.3 in 2005 to 6.6 in 2008.  A third of the public (35%) give charities a trust rating of eight out of ten or above.

According to the report Public Trust and Confidence in Charities published today;

  • nearly 1 in 5  people (18%) say they have given more than £200 to charity in the last year;
  • nearly half of the public (47%) say they have given goods and
  • one in three (36%) people say they, or someone they know, are actively involved with charities (either as an employee, trustee or volunteer)

all increases from the last time the same survey was conducted in 2005. 

The majority of people (85%) say they have given money to charity within the last year.

The survey shows that of those listed, only doctors and the police score higher than charities with the public for trust and confidence, and that the public trust charities more than several bodies including social services, banks and central and local Government.

A third (35%) say that ‘charities making a positive difference to the cause they work for’ is the most important quality in engendering trust and confidence, while 71% of people agree that charities are effective at bringing about social change.

The research also outlines the most common reasons for trusting some charities either more or less than others. Asked if there are any specific charities they trusted more or less, and asked to give a reason, the most common reason for trusting a charity more (at 25%) is people having experienced or seen for themselves what the charity does, or that they believe in its cause (19%).


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