Seth Godin talks to The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Seth Godin is a bit of a genius and every blog post of his I read I can easily think how what he is saying relates to our sector. He is also the founder of squidoo which is a user generated website that is designed to raise money for non profits and is now in the top 300 websites in the USA.

On Tuesday The Chronicle of Philanthropy had a live discussion with Seth Godin.  Here are some of the things Seth Godin had to say in response to questions, what I find fascinating even taken on their own as satements they make sense, take a look at these highlights but then read the full transcript at some point: 

  1. The biggest mistake non profits make is that they’re so busy not making mistakes they end up being boring. Boring and selfish and self-absorbed, all while they’re working so hard to make the world better. It’s ironic, but true.
  2. lead a tribe, and to do that you need to engage people and also to connect them with each other. I guess the short version is: talk to people the way you’d like to be talked to
  3. Once non profits realize that they are marketers, not bureaucrats or truck drivers or procurement agencies, everything changes.
  4. Tell stories people want to hear.
  5. If you’re not changing and testing your landing pages daily, you’re wasting valuable time and money
  6.  If someone opens your email, they are precious. Don’t waste them! Cherish them.
  7. I think making a road sexy isn’t so hard. Or a library. The key is to focus on the BENEFIT, not the tool.
  8. (he mentions it a few times, so check it out!)
  9. If you can’t turn five people into raving fans, into fanatics, into sneezers, why will you be able to impact 5,000? You won’t. One person at a time. The old fashioned way, just online.
  10. Marketing is not advertising! Marketing is what you do and how you talk about it. If you do work worth talking about, word will spread. If word spreads, you get donations.
  11. be the best in the world at what you do
  12. go do stuff, small stuff, cheap stuff, storytelling stuff and testing stuff, you not only won’t get in trouble, you’ll get rewarded. hurry!

These points are taken directly from the Chronicle of Philanthropy site click here for the entire transcript, it is well worth the read:



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