Create Personas

Image courtesy of Head4banG

Nancy E. Schwartz has a great blog that I try to get to read every day, but always catch up on. Earlier in the month Nancy wrote a post about creating personas. She states in it that she is a big fan of creating fully-fleshed-out fictitious characters (aka personas) to understand the base supporters and other groups an organisation wants to engage.


She goes on to state that:

Shaping personas is a practice that enables you to “know” your target audiences far better than simple audience segmentation, which is limited to demographic definition in most cases. Most importantly, personas are a great lead-in to audience research, and a useful ingredient in product/program/service development and testing. Use them to hone your approach as precisely as possible before you dive in with pricey and hard-to-find focus group participants or testers.

Now who doesn’t want to know their target market a lot better. I am writing a post at the moment called I am ready to give, which I will have up next week, and in it I will be talking about how do we know who wants to give and when they want to give. Its a hard one to answer but something like this certainly helps.

Nancy has a guide to  developing personas to help increase the impact of your nonprofit marketing and you can read that here.


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