Director of Appreciation Appointed

Do you ever think we will get to see this Headline?

I don’t know. But, outside of its mission, what is the most important thing a non-profit does? In my book it’s…..Appreciate.

As soon as we start to take our donations for granted, we are in trouble. As soon as we don’t treat each donation as a personal gift to us, we are in trouble. As soon as we start to send out mail merged receipts that don’t talk personally about why that person donated, we are in trouble.

I know it is difficult to wade through all the donations we get and treat each one personally, but we need to. We need to invest in this and that is why I believe non-profits need to consider appointing a Director of Appreciation. Their job description is simple:

Make sure that everyone who connects with your cause feels appreciated and ensure that every contact every single staff member has results in the donor feeling special

I think it is time for non-profits to consider such a role in their organisation. We are in the business of caring so why not care about those who allow us stay in business.

I would love to hear from anyone who knows of an organisation that has any such role, or something that is even similar?


9 thoughts on “Director of Appreciation Appointed

  1. hi conor, slightly different but i think Southwest Airlines have a chief apologising officer….

  2. Great idea, but let’s make sure STAFF is also included– I can’t think of a single time that my director, let alone a board member, has told me “thank you.” In fact recently, when I was on a roll– 10 grants in a row fully funded, 7 from new donors– she walked in and said, gee it must be because I hired that new consultant (who has had literally nothing to do with any of these grants.) Just sayin.

  3. That is so true. And I should have probably rephrased that last point to include staff.

  4. That description is now going to find its way in to our job descriptions at my agency. Director of Appreciation should be every staff person’s job.

  5. I don’t know of any nonprofit with a similar role, but what a wonderful idea and concept! And I agree with Xan, staff should definitely be included.

  6. Right on Conor and everyone. I am going to tack “Director of Appreciation” duties onto my own job description, and encourage our other staff and board members to do the same. Sometimes its easy to lose sight of why we do what we do–thanks for the reminder.

  7. It is a great concept. I agree with majigail that it should be a part of the role for each staff member (whether written or not).

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