40,000 women raise millions

Start of Women's Mini Marathon (from RTE.ie)40,000 women took part in today’s Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin raising millions for charities all over Ireland.

Since March charities have been recruiting women to take part in the event to raise money for their cause. The big charities will have had thousands running for them, but this day is also a great day for smaller local charities to raise money and also some awareness.

The women wore the bright coloured t-shirts of their charity and joined in with the carnival atmosphere. This is a great day and forms a huge part of every charities calendar of events.

This event is really smartly sponsored by Flora. By association they have aligned themselves with practically every charity in the country. Their logo (which is part of the mini marathon logo) is all over every charity website and they get every charity to use the name Flora in all their print materials, all the PR releases etc…How much does all this cost??

Only 1,000 euro! Yes, you see it is smart sponsorship.

For all those mentions and logo displays they offer a donation of 1,000 to one charity! I think it is incredible. I am sure their deal with Women’s Mini Marathon Ltd is worth a lot more, but the goodwill they get by linking in with these charities only costs 1,000!

Anyway, a great day out for thousands of women. And over the next few months hundreds of charities will be getting sent in cheques and cash from their volunteers who took the time to not only take part in the event but also raise money for their cause.


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