Vote for The Best Non-Profit Tagline

I wrote about Taglines a while back. At the time I stated that Nancy E. Schwartz was working on a tagline survey. Well that work has led to the opening of voting in the first  Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards.

1,050 tag lines were submitted and Nancy has whittled them down to 10 categories, with a short list of nominees.

I just voted and it only took a couple of minutes. Voting closes on June 20th.

Nancy is also encouraging people to sign up to her newsletter and in return you will get a copy of the Tagline Report she has compiled. I think it is going to be well worth read, I dont think we value taglines enough and we really should take this as report as an opportunity of looking at what our taglines say about our organisation.

You can Vote Here.


One thought on “Vote for The Best Non-Profit Tagline

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