Advertising from Beyond the Grave

I came across this on the Intelligent Giving Blog. And the ad certainly has made me think.

I think this is a great ad. Comedian Bob Monkhouse’ estate must be giving permission for his image to be used, and fair play to them. Monkhouse died of Prostate Cancer in 2003, so who better to be a spokesperson for Prostate Cancer Research Foundation

Monkhouse was known for his cheesey, corny, but well timed and witty jokes, and this seems to me to be the most well timed of them all, 5 years after his death. Has it made you think?

These ads are well thought out, and are not like anything I have seen before. I stated previously that I really liked the Focus Ireland ads, but this one beats that hands down.

Intelligent giving was a little critical of the ad (overall they loved it too though)

For all the innovation, it’s not clear what charity donors cash will actually support. The PCRF’s logo is tucked away in tiny writing, in a bottom corner of the poster – and the website we’re directed to ( doesn’t clearly belong to the PCRF.

It’s odd that the PCRF is passing up this chance to build its brand. Name recognition is massively important to charities – it’s why such dreadful monikers as Age Concern and Help the Aged persist – yet the PCRF doesn’t seem to give this a high priority. But if few people know about its existence, how is it going to raise funds over the long term? Surely Monkhouse can’t be relied on forever?

But this may be a minor quibble.

Great campaign, and well done to all involved.


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