Mergers – Part 2

I wrote earlier about mergers (I think charities should start looking into them more), so I was interested to read, from the AFP Blog, that the Tuscon Citizen agrees with me.


In the article it states that:

Tucson is an exceptionally caring and giving community when it comes to supporting nonprofits. But the sheer number of nonprofits is staggering: 3,732 are registered in Pima County…………..That’s why it is good to hear that even more are taking the step toward merger and eliminating duplication.


They make a good point, if you have 20 organisations working in the same space, how does a donor decide who to support? They state that:

clearly there is overlap and duplication, with layers of administration siphoning money that should go to providing services.


Now I dont like the way that last part is phrased, siphoning money….hmmm, I think that could have been phrased differently.


Three months ago, Tucson’s only two nonprofit providers of shelter beds for domestic-violence victims announced they will merge. Brewster Center Domestic Violence Services and Tucson Centers for Women and Children expect to be one agency by July 1. It will be named Emerge!


Like I stated in my original post (read it here) this isnt easy, it isnt always going to work, it wont be popular, but I truly believe we need to consider it. Read the full Tuscon Citizen article here




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