Childline Centra Big BBQ Appeal

Childline have been running their BBQ appeal for maybe 3 years now.  I really like the idea, it works because it is simple. People have BBQs in the summer anyway so a charity angle isn’t hard to tag on. Ask your friends around for a BBQ and ask them to bring 2 euro, or whatever.

I have to admit I was annoyed when I first heard about the campaign. I had just finished putting together the Odlums pancake party and a BBQ appeal was my next planned appeal. Childline got in ahead of me!

Anyway this year they have teamed up with Centra. Or they have sold title sponsorship to centra (would love to know for how much). There is a huge outdoor presence with Billboards, Dart Cards and Bus advertising, so perhaps this is where the Centra money is being spent. But you cant get away from it.

Once again TV3 are on board, they are great for things like this and in many ways they give the charity the leverage to make more from the likes of centra.

The campaign is will be a success. It ticks all the boxes for all involved. Childline talk about families and the need to spend time together,  BBQs are perfect for this. For Centra it makes people think Centra when they think BBQ, drives traffic.

I’m not mad on 3 elements of their promotion.

  1. The keyword in the text appeal is fun! Why is it not BBQ!?
  2. And the next thing, and this is true, the poster has the words…..there’s fun in fundraising! Really! Who thought that was a good idea??
  3. They also have a trip to Australia to be won, I think they could have made more of that, I didnt see it until I hit the website.

Anyway overall I like the appeal. Martin King (the nicest man in media) and Lorraine Keane are the faces of it too, making the TV3 link a strong one (smart move tv3).

If you dont have a BBQ event in your marketplace, maybe now is the time to start thinking about one?


2 thoughts on “Childline Centra Big BBQ Appeal

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