Help Donors Choose

picture from Professional Fundraising site

Professional Fundraising has just released an article which talks about a presentation Joe Saxton, of nfpsynergy made in the opening plenary of the PF Conference on 21 May.

Saxton was made the point that charities dont differentiate themselves enough. He used five bottles of cleaning product to illustrate his point, stating that it was easy for a consumer to tell the difference between these products, if you were to change the names to those of charities it isnt as easy.

Nice way to make the point.

The article ends with this:

Charities should intertwine giving with living, he said. “The best fundraising is where people are not sure whether their motivation is for their benefit or for charities’ benefit,” he said, but added that fundraisers should create products that allowed people to know exactly how they should give and what they would get

Read the full article here


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