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As fundraisers we need to be aware of what our corporate partners want to get out of a relationship and some times we need to walk away when we just think its not a good fit or we are letting the tail wag the dog.

Disappointing to read that Taco Bell thought they could get away with a campaign, suggesting a link to the rapper 50 Cent, by just throwing the word CHARITY into the campaign. Tacky!

According to Professional Fundraising:

Taco Bell bosses offered to make a $10,000 (£5,000) donation to a charity of his choice if he agreed to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent for one day.

The letter, whose quirky suggestion was widely covered in the press, also stipulated that 50 Cent had to stop by one of the chain’s restaurant and rap his order at the drive-thru window.

This kind of thing really frustrates me…companies who think “Well if we say charity over and over again people will think we are great”. I wouldnt mind but look at the value of the donation….10k! A joke. Apparently 50 Cent has now filed a lawsuit for 4 million. I for one hope he wins and then donates the full 4 million to a charity of his choice.

Virtual Relay for Life raises Real Cash

I was reading on the Professional Fundraising site how a virtual Walk-A-Thon for the American Cancer Society, hosted on the virtual community Second Life raised over $200,000!

This is the 4th year they have linked with Second Life, so they are clearly early adopters who are now seeing the benefits.

I know of so many organisations that host Walks similar to the Relay for Life that the ACS hosts and Ijust love this idea of a virtual walk taking place on line.

Take note and take action.

Read the full Professional Fundraising article here
Check out how your not for profit can benefit on Second Life

Modest Needs

I came across this on the AFP blog (great source) who link to an article on Forbes.com.

 Originally this was a small site set up by Keith Taylor, a teacher, who was willing to give away some of his annual salary to help people in need, so he would get emails from a woman who needed $65 to help pay for her sons glasses to be repaired. Now the website has developed into a more sophisticated giving mechanism and is another of these sites that is giving directly to those in need (I have spoken about some other examples of this before).

So how does it work, well you can make a donation and for a once off donation you are given points for each dollar you donate. You can then invest your points into a project or individual that you think is deserving.

What a great idea. I know I have said before that I worry a bit about something like this being abused, but these guys seem to have covered the angles.

Is this the end for Charities (I ask again!). No of course not….what charities need to do though is look at sites like this and recognise that they are popular tools for people and see how they can adapt this form of donating into their organisations. How great would it be for charities to list the projects they are working on and empower donors to invest in the ones that they feel passionate about. I would love to see a charity set this up….if you know of one please let me know?


£200m Olympic health push via in kind donations

I sometimes think we dont put enough value on in-kind donations. I know it would be great if we had massive budgets to spend and didnt have to rely on in-kind donations, but we dont and so we do.

I was encouraged to read in the Guardian that the Olympic movement has decideded to seek out in-kind donations via airtime on television, on-pack promotions and ad campaigns created pro-bono from some of the UK’s biggest companies to to support the British government’s “Change4Life” healthy lifestyles marketing initiative.

Those involved make up a veritble who’s who of UK industry and it makes sense for them to be involved (NOTE to self: It ALWAYS has to make sense to the corporate…dont think they dont need to get something BIG out of it). As the Guardian says: To date the advertising and TV industries have borne the brunt of accusations of fuelling problems such as obesity and binge drinking.

Its a smart move. I often look at the national daily papers and look at the companies spending tens of thousands on advertising each day. I wonder would it kill them for one day to donate that ad to a charity? Well all we can do is ask..but it has to make sense to them to do it and that’s the challenge we face.

Read the full Guardian piece here.

More Board Matching

I wrote a while ago about some good board match sites (read that piece here).

Last week I read on Fundraising Success about another board matching group. Organised by Duquesne University’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute this is a great way to match board volunteers with organisations. The idea here is like speed dating, so instead of waiting for people to find eachother on line or to take the step themselves, this is getting interested volunteers and interested organisations together in the same room.

They meet, chat up their interests and expectations for five minutes, and then move on to the next date. The lucky ones leave with a long list of people to pursue … as potential board members for their nonprofits, of course. It’s speed dating for nonprofits, and it’s a new way for organizations to find the right board members.

Like everything in fundraising, the easier you make things the more successful. According to the organisers no one has ever left date-less!

Something the two Board Matching organisations I spoke about earlier should think about trying out.

Read the full article here

Where the hell is Matt? He’s raising money for Charity!!

I had only heard of Matt Harding last week when I posted about him. I thought his video was great and really uplifting. I finished my post by saying that if Matt had asked me to donate to something I probably would have….Well guess what, it looks like that is exactly what Matt is going to do. 

I came across this on the AFP Blog taken from Reuters:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Matt Harding has won cult celebrity status by filming himself dancing badly around the world to the amusement of millions of Internet viewers but now he wants to get serious — raising money for laptops for the poor.

Harding, 31, began his unusual route to fame five years ago when he quit his job as a video game maker and set off to travel the world, with a traveling pal suggesting he do the same jig he used to do in the office and film himself in different spots.

His edited clip which he posted in the fall of 2004 — at the same time registering a website, wherethehellismatt.com — became an Internet hit and came to the attention of executives at Cadbury’s Stride chewing gum who offered to fund future trips.

His latest and third video, which runs for four-and-a-half minutes has been watched by nearly 19 million people on YouTube

Harding said it was now time take off his dancing shoes and get serious.

He met United Nations officials this month and talked to the sponsor of his video, Stride, about raising money to buy and donate laptops to the poor in Rwanda where he danced with locals and plans to go to teach them himself.

 “Laptops and access to the Internet can broaden horizons tremendously. I want to do it personally, so it won’t just be a care package,” said Harding who has also been approached with various other offers including writing a travel journal.

Read the full article from Reuters here


cantoo homepage

cantoo homepage

How is it that the Australians just get it??

As a culutre they have a great turn of phrase and have this ability to give everything a catchy name. And this is reflected in their fundraising.

A friend of mine sent me a link to sponsor him as he raises funds for Cancer Research. He is taking part in Can Too. He titled his email Sam Can Too, and their tag line is You Can Too. Great stuff

Can Too is a non profit program raising money for Cure Cancer Australia. They train people to run or swim in an endurance event. So not only do they come up with a great name for a campaign they are offering support. So often we ask people to take part in events for us or on our behalf, but leave them to their own devices. What a great way to truly engage your supporters in your cause, support them, help them reach their goal so you can reach yours.

I think any fundraiser who is reading this should look at the Can Too site and think about adapting it to their market.

If you want to support Sam and Cancer Research join his Sam Can Too group on Facebook and sponsor Sam Francis on the site, click here

P.S. Can Too and their supporters have raised $1,615,000 since 2005!