A Great way to say thanks – Part 2

I know I keep going on about saying thanks and appreciation. Well its very important.

You may remember last week I wrote about a postcard I got from Temple Street and I thought it was a great way to say thanks (read that post here). There were some problems with it, the copy, the timing, it wasnt personalised, but overall I liked it/the idea of it.

I was interested then to read a post of Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications blog of something really similar.  Kivi got a thank you letter, again it seems the copy wasnt great, but what stood out was this image:


Kivi says that:

But this grabbed me nonetheless. Why?

In part, because it was so unexpected, but primarily because even though I have no idea what these people actually look like, I can see the center director Amanda, who signed the letter, sitting down at one of those little tables and asking Yoselyn to grab a crayon and draw this picture for me. I can see her asking the little girl what this is (as it might not be quite obvious to the untrained eye) and adding the title and signature to this masterpiece. They took a little extra time to personalize this letter in a way that only an agency that works with little kids can, and I only sent them $10! But you can bet they’ll get more out of me next time

Read the full post here


3 thoughts on “A Great way to say thanks – Part 2

  1. Conor – echoes a point I made on the Temple Street card..why didnt they get a child from the hospital to draw a thank you card?!

  2. I am looking again and the Temple Street one and see where you are coming from it does look a little “designed”, but I can’t imagine they would have done that? Maybe I just don’t want to think that they could have! It certainly does look good when the kids do the drawings doesnt it.

  3. Hey nice post but I am biased. I work at The Picture Works in Dublin and we do all the free postcards you pick up in cafes and bars and college campus’ around Ireland. There is something cool about postcards in this web 2.0 world .

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