Funding Point

Funding Point is up and running.

The site contains details about hundreds of funding schemes from government grants to trusts and corporate grants, including all the info you need to make the application.

Sounds great. And it is.

What annoyed me a bit was the fact that on the flier and any other information I saw about it thwere was nothing that said I had to pay for the service!!

I dont really mind, but it was being promoted as being funded by the Vodafone Foundation so it seemed like it was going to be a great portal of resources that we could all access, but you have to pay for it.

I will probably subscribe, but if anyone from the Wheel or Vodafone is reading, please make it a bit clearer on future communications that there is a fee.


One thought on “Funding Point

  1. Hi Conor, thanks for your comments. I am the editor of I was snooping around online (I really should find more productive ways to spend my evenings I know!) and I found your blog entry.

    I am sorry that the pricing issue was not made clear prior to launch. I can’t claim responsibility for the flyers but what I would say is that the oversight (in not mentioning the pricing structure) was entirely innocent. It was pretty much down to us not being sure as to the prices we were going to charge until the last moment! I would have though – although I can’t recall off the top of my head (and am happy to be contradicted) – that we made clear the fact that the site would be a subscription-based service.

    The project has indeed been funded (initial costs) by the Vodafone Foundation. However, we are hoping that the site will be able to pay for itself ASAP (for obvious reasons), perhaps within a year or two.

    So far, the response and feedback has been good. I am working away dilligently on the site (updating content daily) and still trying to master the fine art of the various admin procedures. Like any new website, there will be some teething issues. However, we are pretty confident that the level of information and the variety of funding sources featured on the site are unparalleled in Ireland.

    So, on we go!



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