World Aids Day creative ad

Paul Dervan posted about this last week and I thought it was worth sharing. For World Aids Day the Carpe Argus Paper used the numbers at the top of newspaper pages to illustrate stark statistics on AIDS. So for example, on page 6, they’ve written “6 million people in South Africa are living with HIV“.

Really clever use of space and a great piece of advertising.


5 thoughts on “World Aids Day creative ad

  1. cheers Conor. It is really nice isn’t it. Thinking of asking Paul Farrell is he would consider doing it in the times.

  2. Great idea, would make everybody think – for themselves – and maybe even do something about it. Speaking of AIDS, did you read Kevin Myers in the Indo last week, or hear him on Today FM the following day? Risky as usual, headline-grabbing as usual but underneath all the horrible bits is the underlying message that throwing money at charities and the hungry really hasn’t helped much since the original Band Aid. Thoughts?–apart-from-aids-1430428.html

  3. I hadnt seen that piece by Kevin Myers. I can almost see him going red in the face with rage as he writes it. As I read the piece (and as i tear away the headline grabbing elements of his rant) Myers does make some good points, well maybe not good, but statistically correct. He seems to be suggesting that everything that has happened since Band Aid is bad, or has been done incorrectly. What is missing from this piece is a solution. From what I read Myers is suggesting that the solution is to let these children die from starvation or malaria because otherwise we will jst end up with more “wide-eyed boy-child we saved…” who will become “…priapic, Kalashnikov-bearing hearty, siring children whenever the whim takes him.”.

    I have no problem with people being critical of what charities do. I have done it myself. But what I think people like that need to do is offer what they think the correct solution to the problem is. That is blatantly missing from Myers here and that is what disturbs me about this piece and makes me believe it is…as you put it Myers being risky and headline grabbing as usual.

  4. It’s the first thing everyone has picked up on from his article – which Matt Cooper prodded him with the following day. His response was something along the lines of “it is my job to raise issues for the public to sit up and take notice of, it is not my job to find a solution…but there much be a solution out there…” etc. I kid you not! In my mind, journalists do indeed have a role to play in flagging things that have gone unnoticed for a time. But I agree with you, they have to at least raise a few possible solutions in tandem with the flags.

    What I also got from the piece, like you, was to heartlessly abandon the wide-eyed children to starvation and malaria, and almost let nature take its course in a creepy survival-of-the-fittest sort of way. Maybe Bill Gates is flawed in some ways but for goodness sake at least he’s trying to do something about part of the problem!

    It made me shudder just reading that and realising what he meant. Don’t let poor people die just because they are poor, flush out what is making them turn to Kalashnikovs as playthings in the first place. Who is instilling this anger in the young men of Africa? How can we stop that? If we can figure out the root of the problem, then we might be able to find a solution. Kevin is saying its money. Money is little green pieces of paper, it doesn’t have a mind of its own. It’s the money getting into the wrong hands, yes, but let’s do something about that!

  5. In light of the Aid -v- Corruption issue, here’s what’s happening closer to home…

    So, we should look to an international news agency to flag these things for government agencies?! It’s mad but if it works…

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