After writing about Every Click a while ago (read that post here) I was contacted by Veosearch and asked what I thought of their site.

Essentially its the same idea as Every Click, you use it as your search engine and every search generates ad revenue, 50% of the revenue in this case goes to the charity you chose (sustainable projects only)

I have to admit I never heard of Veosearch before now and the reason I spoke about Every Click is because they are every where, to the point where charities are now happy to put the Every Click logo on their website. Veosearch have a ways to go until they are at that point and in my book that is going to take investment on their part.

I think Every Click has engaged the fundraising community but they themselves have their work set out in encouraging people to change their search habits. I still automatically use Google, its what I do, its my home page, so for me (who works in the industry) I am going to need some convincing to change my habits.

I think this is the challenge both of these organisations face. Dont get me wrong I think it is great that these organisations are willing to give 50% of their revenue to charities.

To date Veosearch has almost 50,000 member, 763 charities and 26,387 pounds has been raised.

Anyway you can find out more about Veosearch here


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