cantoo homepage

cantoo homepage

How is it that the Australians just get it??

As a culutre they have a great turn of phrase and have this ability to give everything a catchy name. And this is reflected in their fundraising.

A friend of mine sent me a link to sponsor him as he raises funds for Cancer Research. He is taking part in Can Too. He titled his email Sam Can Too, and their tag line is You Can Too. Great stuff

Can Too is a non profit program raising money for Cure Cancer Australia. They train people to run or swim in an endurance event. So not only do they come up with a great name for a campaign they are offering support. So often we ask people to take part in events for us or on our behalf, but leave them to their own devices. What a great way to truly engage your supporters in your cause, support them, help them reach their goal so you can reach yours.

I think any fundraiser who is reading this should look at the Can Too site and think about adapting it to their market.

If you want to support Sam and Cancer Research join his Sam Can Too group on Facebook and sponsor Sam Francis on the site, click here

P.S. Can Too and their supporters have raised $1,615,000 since 2005!

2 thoughts on “Cantoo

  1. Kudos to Can Too and all the athletes who have contributed to such a worthy cause!!! The endurance sports community is active in fundraising in the U.S. too, with fundraising platform sites like Here’s an example of one marathoner’s personal fundraising page:

  2. Thanks for your comment Beth. Endurance sports fundraising seems to be active everywhere, and giving sites like yours are popping up all over the place, and certainly play a role in helping raise funds, Is yours a commercial venture?

    I think the point I was really making was that I liked the support CanToo give, thats what makes them different

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