Where the hell is Matt? He’s raising money for Charity!!

I had only heard of Matt Harding last week when I posted about him. I thought his video was great and really uplifting. I finished my post by saying that if Matt had asked me to donate to something I probably would have….Well guess what, it looks like that is exactly what Matt is going to do. 

I came across this on the AFP Blog taken from Reuters:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Matt Harding has won cult celebrity status by filming himself dancing badly around the world to the amusement of millions of Internet viewers but now he wants to get serious — raising money for laptops for the poor.

Harding, 31, began his unusual route to fame five years ago when he quit his job as a video game maker and set off to travel the world, with a traveling pal suggesting he do the same jig he used to do in the office and film himself in different spots.

His edited clip which he posted in the fall of 2004 — at the same time registering a website, wherethehellismatt.com — became an Internet hit and came to the attention of executives at Cadbury’s Stride chewing gum who offered to fund future trips.

His latest and third video, which runs for four-and-a-half minutes has been watched by nearly 19 million people on YouTube

Harding said it was now time take off his dancing shoes and get serious.

He met United Nations officials this month and talked to the sponsor of his video, Stride, about raising money to buy and donate laptops to the poor in Rwanda where he danced with locals and plans to go to teach them himself.

 “Laptops and access to the Internet can broaden horizons tremendously. I want to do it personally, so it won’t just be a care package,” said Harding who has also been approached with various other offers including writing a travel journal.

Read the full article from Reuters here

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