More Board Matching

I wrote a while ago about some good board match sites (read that piece here).

Last week I read on Fundraising Success about another board matching group. Organised by Duquesne University’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute this is a great way to match board volunteers with organisations. The idea here is like speed dating, so instead of waiting for people to find eachother on line or to take the step themselves, this is getting interested volunteers and interested organisations together in the same room.

They meet, chat up their interests and expectations for five minutes, and then move on to the next date. The lucky ones leave with a long list of people to pursue … as potential board members for their nonprofits, of course. It’s speed dating for nonprofits, and it’s a new way for organizations to find the right board members.

Like everything in fundraising, the easier you make things the more successful. According to the organisers no one has ever left date-less!

Something the two Board Matching organisations I spoke about earlier should think about trying out.

Read the full article here

One thought on “More Board Matching

  1. Useful post. good luck.

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