Bad Response and No Response

I contacted two charities over the past week to talk to them about a Foundation I am helping to set up. And the responses I got from the two charities (who range from large to very big) ranged from a Bad Response to No Response….is this their normal reaction?

The Foundation is being set up in memory of someone and as is often the case it has a pretty specific focus. My preferred option was to propose to the people involved in setting up this new foundation that instead of re-inventing the wheel or taking away from the work that these organisations do they should link in with them. 

I often look at charities set up in memory of someone and think that, while they are so well intentioned, that they often take away from the focus of other more established and professional organisations in the field. I believe(d) that they would be better served by linking in with and working with these more established organisations. Sometimes these causes can have some big corporate potential (as is the case in this one) and that could serve a greater good by such a link.

However my experience with both of these organisations has actually led me to reconsider my thinking. Is this the way they treat all donors? Is this how all charities treat people who are in a similar situation? Does anyone have experience of this that they want to share?

Part of me wants to name and shame these organisations, they really should be dealing with this better than they are, but I dont think I will. But they have certainly not endeared themselves to me and I will look at other ways to donate to the causes they represent in the future.

Interestingly Damien over at Ask Direct is doing some of his own research on the topic of  Just How Rude are Irish Charities, and I have to say I think my experience falls into this category.

Someone who wants to work with you and donate funds to you = Someone you should be nice to and at the very least communicate with.

Is that so hard to understand?


2 thoughts on “Bad Response and No Response

  1. Interesting post Connor. Obviously it comes down to the person(s) on the end of the line and their dedication to their employer (the charity) and to the sector. I am dumbfounded at times by some of the people who work in our industry and their attitudes to the cause they work for and even the donors who support them. I wrote a similar post a while back, but from the angle of providing my design services and expertise on a pro bono bases to charities. You can read it here at:

    Cheers! John

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