Awareness Bracelets Still Selling

I was discussing recently with someone the success that was the Awareness Bracelet’s. It took us all by surprise and was the must have fundraising tool.

TheLivestrong ones were the first to market and helped to launch the craze for hundreds of other charities and the little silicon bracelets raised millions for charities.

In my discussion I was wondering what the next big thing would be in grassroots fundraising. Would something else come along that would match the success of the bracelet? If so what would it be.

There were a lot of elements that made the bracelets a success but I think one of them was celebrity endorsement….but that kind of endorsement that really works. The one where celebrities are spotted wearing something and then everyone wants it. I dont know if it was intentional but it worked so well. It was viral fundraising at its best. Of course there were other elements that made it a success, like the distribution etc…

Its good to read from Sandra Sims over at Step by Step Fundraising that, while they may not be as cool or fashionable as they were 4 years ago, they are still selling well. Read the article here

So whats next…do you know…do you want to share?


One thought on “Awareness Bracelets Still Selling

  1. We at Firstgiving have the hunch that persoal fundraising pages could be the next big thing in the grassroots movement.

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