Glanbia add Call to Action

I had mixed reactions when I saw the new weather stings on TV3 and RTE.

My first reaction was “Isn’t it great that Glanbia/Avonmore are putting a marketing budget behind their 3 year partnership with Barretstown”. But then this was swiftly follwed by disappointment with the sting: “Why is there no call to action”

This latter reaction was somewhat put to rest last night when I was watching the TV3 weather last night and spotted a new website address on the stings Clearly someone at either Glanbia or Barretstown had the same we are supporting a charity, asking our customers to support it…but we havent told them how to do it! So it is good to see it included on the stings.

These 10 second stings must be doing Barretstown the world of good and will help them in so many other ways over and above the 2 million Glanbia hope to raise. I still think that the call to action could be stronger in the ad, maybe adding the words send more families into the copy, and the website could do a bit more…how about allowing me sponsor a family or raise the money to send a family. Maybe that will come with time and for now I certainly wouldnt be critical of Glanbia as they seem to be really engaged in this partnership. Couldnt find anything on the Barretstown site though!!!

Check out the stings here:


3 thoughts on “Glanbia add Call to Action

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    Gabrielle Murphy from Barretstown was in touch with me after reading this post and she said that they are thrilled with the partnership and that “our awareness levels are going through the roof”

    She also wanted to let people know that……
    there is no call to action on the RTE slots because RTE do not allow it. Avonmore sponsors the weatherline and therefore are not allowed to include a call to action or even our web address as part of this sponsorship. TV3 and TG4 have more relaxed rules, hence the different messages. Perhaps you’d add this to your blog.

    Consider it done!

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