AdWords-Style Widget Recommends Related Ways to Take Action

Social Actions has announced the launch of a revolutionary widget that recommends to readers of your blog or website related ways to take action.

The widget automatically identifies the keywords on any page and lists social change campaigns related to the stuff you’re writing about. These campaigns are gathered from social action platforms like Kiva, DonorsChoose,, GlobalGiving, Care2,, and fourteen others.

Find out what actions would be listed for your blog (or any website)

Because the new widget pulls actions from 20 social action platforms, it can recommend actions based on a wide variety of content. Whether you’re writing about your local community, pop culture, or green living – you can expect to surprise your readers with related ways to make a difference.

How the new widget from Social Actions works
After you cut and paste the widget snippet code into your website, the widget automatically scans the content of each web page on which it appears and identifies the top three keywords for that page. The widget then searches for related campaigns on 20 social action platforms. It then automatically loads the top three campaigns for the keywords, with the option to discover more. As the content of your site changes, the widget checks to see if there are new keywords. As a result, your readers are always connected to fresh and relevant calls to action.

Is anyone using this? How are you finding it…let me know..

article found on AFP Blog and text taken from the Social Actions Blog


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