What nonprofits do that REALLY annoys donors

Marc Pitman of the Extreme Fundraising Blog has set up a question on Linkedin asking this question and has had over 50 answers. It certainly has been a forum for some ranting about what charities do wrong..but in there are some great examples of what to do and what not to do. Check out the answers here.

Here are some highlights:

From Gary K:

let me tell you about the perfect charity, in my view.

1.) It operates in my greater metropolitan area and restricts its grants to three areas of focus that are important to me: hunger, the welfare of at-risk women and their children and mental health.

2.) All administrative costs are borne by the organizing company’s foundation, so 100% of what I give goes to programs.

3.) When I donate I get a prompt written thank you, and then I don’t hear from them again for a year.

4.) After a year they send me a recap of all the grants made in the past 12 months – to whom, for what and how much – along with a polite request for another donation.

They’ve been getting the lion’s share of my charitable contributions for quite a long time now.

Hildy G:

My biggest pet peeve is probably the lack of engagement for anything other than asking me for money.

Andrea S:

One of my pet peeves is that there are too many nonprofits doing the same work. I don’t like being asked for money to support a new organization if there is already an effective, credible and established organization with the same mission

Larry H

My pet peeve is receiving bi-monthly envelopes stuffed with glossy 4-color brochures and assorted literature/promos asking for my continued support when I already give a significant amount every month. I am rather concerned about what fraction of my donation actually makes it to my intended recipient, and I see these mailings simply as a waste of my money.

One of the BIG concerns people have are when non-profits share the donors information, it seems to really get on peoples nerves.


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