Clear Calls to Action Online

I came across this on the Non Profit Blog Exchange (originally posted on happy donors blog) and thought it was really useful:

* Use consistent wording. “Contact us” and “Contact us via e-mail” are two different calls to action.

* Begin each call to action with an active verb: learn, place, add, submit, get, modify, edit, etc.

* Place the call to action where your eye path ends up as you look at the page.

* Make a call-to-action button instantly recognizable as a call to action.  And place it to be visible at first glance. It should be obvious even if you move far enough away from the screen so you cannot even read the body text of the site (the “5 foot rule”).

* Make buttons “jump.” Done well, graphic calls to action employ 3D effects which make the buttons visually jump off the page and stand out.

* Do not ignore text hyperlink calls to action. Worded clearly and in the right place, they can be as effective as graphic calls to action.  

* Use clear, easy-to-read fonts. For example, use Arial, not Times New Roman or Courier. Don’t use unusual fonts which stand out solely by their inappropriate look.

* Use mouseover effects to increase awareness. However, if site visitors have moved the cursor to your call to action, you have already gained their attention.

Read the original post here


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