Raising Vital Funds

I think these are three of the most redundant words in fundraising. I was watching TV last night and an ad came on for a Fundraising Appeal, asking people to sign up to take part etc…And listening to the copy of the ad I just felt that these were three words that were lost in the aid. What do they mean?

Don’t all charities raise vital funds? Is that not the point!

When you have a 20 or 30 second ad to get across your message, dont get hung up on phrases like that. We tend to slip into the habit of using those words, thinking they mean something to the donor or potential supporter but really they dont. I think the time used on saying those words would have been better spent calling out the website or phone number a second time.

In every communication we have with the public we need to think carefully about what we are saying and ask, not does this make sense to me or does this sound good to the CEO or Director of Services. What we need to do is ask…Will this engage the donor.

Please dont raise vital funds anymore. Tell me something else.


One thought on “Raising Vital Funds

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