Finding a Charity Ball

I was online this morning trying to find charity balls that are taking place in Dublin between now and the end of the year. Wow talk about hard work!

Charity Balls, in their very nature, are hard work. I have worked on enough of them to know the effort that goes in and depending on the target audience, they sometimes dont have a great return. But its one of those things we all seem to do.

I am not sure why then we seem to be making it even harder work by not making them easy to find out about.

I have often thought that there should be a central place where charities send information to about dates of events. I know we all tend not to like to tell people what we are doing or when, just that we have something really exciting coming up soon. And its the fear that someone will steal your idea. But how often have any of us gone to do a press launch or set a date for an event only to find it is clashing with your major competitor?

Would it not be an idea for a central roster to be held something. It doesnt have to be too detailed…just information like: Date, Time, Location and what is happening, ie a press launch or gala or …..? Could this be something the Wheel or Fundraising Ireland could help with?

Is there anyone in other parts of the world that have seen similar models work? Would love to hear about them.

Anyway, here are the Fundraising Galas I was able to find out about:

1.      Crumlin:                  Midlands Charity Ball, Oct 25th, Radisson Athlone

2.      Tallaght:                  Ladies Guild Lunch, Early Dec (no date on website), 4 Seasons

3.      Temple St:              Gala Ball, February

4.      Barretstown:           Gala Ball October 17th, Leopardstown

5.      ISPCC:                  Dove Ball, Oct 11th, 4 Seasons

6.      Spinal Injuries:        Q Ball, Oct 4th

7.      Marie Keating:        Pink Ribbon Ball, November

8.      Cancer Society:      Nightengale Ball, Nov 7th

9.      Unicef:                   Corporate Lunch,  27th Nov

10.  Irish Heart Foundation: Gala Fashion Lunch, Sept 12


3 thoughts on “Finding a Charity Ball

  1. Hi Conor – just to mention that have an event register as a feature of their site. Tim

  2. Thanks Tim, that is actually where I got most of this information. I just wonder would there be merit in some central point where we can all just update our events, launches etc..It may help avoid clashes and could be a great resource for those looking to support Charities. I was just surprised at how hard it was to find the information.

  3. Do any of the newspapers run social calendars that we could all sign into? In many US cities it is one of the newspapers that maintain an event calendar and all organizations and business post their events and check this for all major sports events and festivals to avoid scheduling conflicts. This also allows the public to search a comprehensive list of events in their area.

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