Tips for Corporate Fundraising

Fundraising Ireland hosted a great seminar “Tips for Corporate Fundraising” yesterday.

It was great to hear those representing the Corporate sector state that while their departments would of course face cut backs they didnt expect those cut backs to be any more than facing other departments. Time will tell but the point being made was that any CSR/CR programmes that are being run well are providing great benefits to the organisation and therefore it will provide a competitive advantage in these more difficult times.

Another great thing during the session was the fact that the presenter from the non profit sector, Aiden Stacey, and the presenter from the for profit sector, Gerry Loughrey, were both saying the same thing, just from different view points.

So with that in mind the tips they gave are well worth a read and probably re-enforce what you are doing already.

Take a look at the presentations here.

Well done again to the organising committee of Fundraising Ireland.


2 thoughts on “Tips for Corporate Fundraising

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  2. Lucy Bernholtz at the Philanthropy 2713 blog says, “We have not yet seen real interconnectivity between online giving platforms and “offline” donor services – is this next and what might the results of such partnerships look like?” See her post at:

    What does this interconnectivity look like in relation to CSR?

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