Simon Fun Run

Now in its 25th year the Simon Fun Run (taking place on 11th Oct) is a well oiled machine at this stage no doubt. It would be interesting to get some hints they have and could share with other fundraisers on the success of the event especially in terms of planning and logistics.

I walked past one of their posters the other day. I hadnt seen their new logo (above) before but it made me stop and read the poster, so well done to the design team behind it.

They also have this strange, but funny ad (below), to go with the campaign. It did make me laugh but Im just not sure about it. I havent seen it on TV so maybe its just a bit of fun to support the campaign (which it must be as it hasnt a great presence on their website so??), if its a recruitment tool I dont know if it works. Would be interested in your thoughts on it.

thanks to Paul for sending on the video


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