White House Goes Pink

Earlier this week the White House was illuminated pink for the evening in support of Breast Cancer awareness. Part of a worldwide campaign where 200 landmarks will be turned pink.

Its probably fair to say that only the Power of Pink could pull this off right now but talking about the move on the Step by Step Fundraising Blog Jim Berigan says it made him think about how people at a local fundraising level think. And he asks if perhaps they are thinking too small?  He does concede that a local group may not be successful in turning the white house into their organisational colours but perhaps there is a local landmark that can be taken over.

The point he is making is we need to think beyond the normal things we do and look at opportunities that would probably be considered impossible. In many/most organisations such an idea would be knocked back at the start as being too ambitious. But maybe this proves the point…can you ever really be too ambitious.

As Berigan says: I challenge you to take a few minutes and start day dreaming. Let your mind really go. Have fun in how crazy your ideas can get


One thought on “White House Goes Pink

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